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 Welcome to my Ham Radio Page. If you followed a link from QRZ.COM and we have just worked, then TNX for the QSO!. If we have exchanged QSL's, TNX also! I QSL direct, via LOTW, and eQSL are all OK. 

My primary interest and activities are DX'ing and contesting. I am currently active on 160 through 6 meters. I have been licensed and mostly active since 1968. I am a member of the Minnesota Wireless Association WAA contest club (MWA), the Twin City DX Association (TCDXA), and the Twin City FM Club (TCFMC).

 Notable Events:

September 3, 1968 I made my first QSO with W8MMV in Michigan on 40M CW. This year marks the anniversary of my 50 year journey in ham radio. Here are some DETAILS of how everything began.

In April, I received 5BWAZ certificate #1977 for confirmation of 199 zones.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to have Bill, AE0EE (one of the VK0EK OP's) present me the plaque for #1 Honor Roll. Bill gave TCDXA a presentation on the VK0EK operation at the May meeting.

Back for a 3rd time in VP5 for ARRL DX Phone operating with Glenn WGJ and Ron NAT. It was a close race but happy to see we achieved another world #1 finish!

As of Oct. 1st all antenna projects are complete! I'm looking forward to a contest season & resuming some productive DX'ing. DETAILS 

Back again in the Turks & Caicos Islands for a full week, QRV as VP5H during the ARRL SSB DX Test, and as VP5/WA0MHJ after the DX Contest.

Enjoyed wonderful hospitality & operated a bit in the CQWW CW contest in Dallas at the QTH of Pete N5KD. Peter has been the DXER.ORG webmaster. Click here.

I was in the Turks & Caicos Islands for a full week, QRV as VP5/WA0MHJ and VP5H during the ARRL SSB DX Test. We placed #1 in the world as the Multi-Single station entry.

I operated once again, multi with the KIR group in CQWW RTTY.

CQWW PH this year was a multi operator effort witt K0XV & son Jason. DETAILS

For 2010 CQWW RTTY, I had the pleasure of operating at the fine QTH of Ralph Fedor - KIR in a Multi-2 operation.

In the CQ WPX CW, I was visited by Foster - N3KCJ, who happened to be in town, and we operated as a M/S. Click DETAILS

I was a 2008 host NU1AW/0 station for the IARU contest allowing Cal - K0DXC the majority of the operating for this event. Click HERE for the details. 

I had an exciting time operating as VP2MU, getting a 1st taste of being on the other side of the pile-up.

C.U. in the pile-ups or contests!!
73's - Mark
QSO Party Operation & Mobile Contesting

Sometime back around 2000, I got the idea to try something a little different by trying a portable operation during the Wisconsin QSO Party. Being in the outdoors seemed like a good change of pace from staring at the same radio, and the same desk I always sit at. My adventures were chronicled in the May 2007 NCJ. Erecting antennas in thigh deep snow, and operating in -20F temperatures led me to look for alternatives for the following years, and thus started my mobile adventures.
I operate mobile now with a Yaesu FT-450 and two Hustler mobile mounts with antennas for 80, 40, 20, and 15 meters. Click here to ride along with a YouTube video clip. I have operated mobile in many Minnesota and Wisconson QSO parties, and once in North Dakota.

I have also been the main log processing facilitator for the Minnesota QSO Party for the last twenty years.

Recent  News

Now that the WAZ program is integrated with LOTW, I did a submission of the award. In LOTW I had 198 of the 200 neccesary zones for a 5BWAZ application. Those were submitted, and one single QSL card for zone 28 on 80M was mailed. I was notified of 5BWAZ award with credit for 199 shortly afterwards!
I just worked JT5DX (Jan-2020) for zone 200. Assuming confirmation, then 5BWAZ is complete.

All contacts from VP5/WA0MHJ (2011, 2012 & 2014) have uploaded to LOTW and Club Log. WA
MHJ is registered on Club Log, and those logs are uploaded.

  • Recent QSO's: JT5DX for new on 80M
  • Recent QSO's: TI9A for new on 80M, 30M & digital
  • Recent QSO's: 5I5TT for new on 80M
  • Recent LOTW: 9G2HO for new on 160M
  • Recent LOTW: V6K for new on 160M
  • Recent LOTW: GI4SNA for new on 160M
  • Recent LOTW: E44RU for new on 40M
  • Recent QSL's:  ZL7DX for new on digital
  • Recent QSL's:  3W1T for new on 40M

WAA QSL Manager

I can QSL for the following WAA contacts: All QSO Parties since 2000, FD since 2006, ARRL DX CW 2003, & CQWW PH 2011/2012.

9 band DXCC achieved!!!   Nine band DXCC is in the books! VK0EK is in the log for my final country. I was at 340 for less than a week before Kingman Reef was deleted, bringing me back to 339. I finally worked a zone 23 for my last zone needed for 5BWAZ. I worked JT5DX on January 27th.

DX Code of ConductI support the DX Code of Conduct
2014 Mark Endorf, WA0MHJ, Ham Lake, MN
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