Amateur Radio - WAØMHJ
W1AW/0 Cenntenial 2014

Operated with Bill Mitchell AG6RB (now AE0EE) and John W0DC, running some incredible pileups as W1AW/0 in the year long cenntenial event.
ARRL DX Contest 2011, 2012, 2014

Three years of operating have yeilded two world #1 finished, and a a #3 finish (#1 North America)

1VP5H7,483,9387,512334MSHC   VP5NAMWA
2K1LZ6,780,4204,086556MSHC EMA1  YCCC
3PJ7DX6,662,2507,088315MSHC   PJ7NA 
4TM6M4,987,8005,555300MSHC   FEU 
5CS2C4,843,4585,119318MSHC   CT1EU 
1PJ2T8,998,2368,708348MSHC   PJ2SA 
2P40L8,880,2708,690343MSHC   P4SAPVRC
3VP5H8,158,9417,990343MSHC   VP5NAMWA
4CR2X6,912,9487,040329MSHC   CUEU 
5KH7X6,626,1246,891324MSHC   KH6OC 
1VP5H9,417,4088,957352MSHC   VP5NAMWA
2PJ2T9,357,3278,783357MSHC   PJ2SA 
3HK1NA8,793,6758,147363MSHC   HKSA 
4C6ANA7,597,3957,280351MSHC   C6NAYCCC
5TM6M6,937,2457,367315MSHC   FEU 


CQWW SSB Contest 2011

We decided to activate the MWA club call W0AA as a multi-operator effort with myself, Jim - K0XV, and Jim's son Jason.
With only one 10-15-20 meter antenna, this was a low key fun event, mostly to let Jason enjoy some time behind the microphone.
This was a part time effort with multiple operators, and in a little over 22 hours we managed over 1500 QSO's with over 900 contacts on 10M alone. The final score was just over 2.2M point
Click on the thumbnail below for CQWW 2011 pictures.
K0XV 002.jpg (2168782 bytes) K0XV 003.jpg (506497 bytes)

IARU Contest 2008

In 2008, Minnesota Wireless Association was granted the privilege of operating the IARU Secretariat Club station call of NU1AW/0. 
My station was given 20M SSB and 10M SSB assignments. Calvin - K0DXC joined me in activating the call this year, and Cal did 95% of the operating. As 10M SSB did not really open up, we concentrated on 20M SSB.
In just a little under 13 hours of operating, we managed 1070 QSO's, and over 50 ITU Zone multipliers to add to the total NU1AW/0 score. Cal was able to sustain a run rate close to 100 per hour. The first 5 hours of the contest was clipping along at approximately 125 QSO/s per hour. Very impressive!

Pictures below:
Shown below is Cal - K0DXC at the main operating position. Also a picture of  the visitors who stopped by. Pictured (from left to right) are Dennis KF0QR, Dave - K0IEA, Harold - N0ACH, and Jim - K0JUH. Including myself, this group comprises over 150 years of operating experience, all enjoying watching Cal running the 20M position.

K0DXC.JPG (1641396 bytes)

visitors.JPG (2145204 bytes)

CQ WPX Contest 2009

I seldom operate the CW CQ WPX event as it usually falls on Memorial day. Foster - N3KCJ was in town and looking for a station to operate, so we decided to do a multi-single effort.
It was enjoyable to meet Foster for the first time, and be able to accommodate his wishes to operate this event.

27 hours of operating netted 1048 QSO's, and a score of 1,321,294.

N3KCJ.jpg (1464903 bytes) N3KCJ @ the operating position

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